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Flower Tattoo Designs

Flowers Tattoos – Flowers Tattoo Designs, Flowers Tattoo Motives

Here is a small sample of the flowers tattoo designs and flowers tattoo motives that you will find on TattooPilot.


Flower Tattoos and Flower Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs with flowers are especially popular with women and girls. Many women who want to get a tattoo choose a flower foot tattoo  (e.g. the ankle) or a flower back tattoo (e.g. shoulder). One reason here is surely, that flower tattoo designs are expecially feminine.

Lotus flower tattoos, hibiscus flower tattoos and rose flower tattoo designs are by far the most popular styles.

There are different reasons to why a flower is a very good design choice for a small tattoo. Flowers are not only very beautiful as a tattoo design, they are also timeless. Additionally they symbolize femaleness and charm. Expecially if the flower tattoo is exotic and colored. Such a tattoo makes a great impression. No matter if it is a foot flower tattoo, an arm flower tattoo or a tribal tattoo design of a flower on the back (e.g. the shoulder).

Tribal Flower tattoo designs can be found in the most different shapes and sizes. But most of the time, women or girls choose small tattoos. For example on the back of their foot. The other exteme are very large japanese flower tattoos, that can spread over the full back. Also hawaiian flower tattoos or tribal flower tattoo designs are popular.

In addition to the flower tattoo, there can be other design features included. The flower tattoo design can be enhanced with thorns, leaves or can be designed as a colored arm band tattoo. Also butterflies and birds are often mixed with flower tattoo designs. A fairy tattoo, rose tattoo, sun, cross or skull tattoo is also often combined with a flower design.

The meaning of the most popular flower tattoo designs:

  • Rose Tattoos: Rose tattoo designs have different meanings, depending on their color. Red is the most popular color. It symbolizes love.
  • Hawaiian flower tattoo Design: hawaiian flower tattoos symbolize the south sea, freedom, recreation and of course – surfing
  • Japanese flower tattoo: Japanese flower tattoo designs have a very cultural japanese background. They often spread over the whole back of a person. Not only the foot or ankle.
  • Lotus flower tattoo: Tattoo designs with white lotus flowers have a certain religious meaning for buddhists and hindus. The white lotus flower is sacred in buddhism.
  • Tribal flower tattoos: Tribal tattoo designs are very popular. In combination with a flower design, there is no special meaning behind the tattoo. But it looks great.
  • Hibiscus flower tattoo: The hibiscus flower is very popular for tattoos. A hibiscus flower tattoo design symbolizes a tropical and exotic style as well as the joy of living.

The most popular flowers for tattoos are: rose tattoo designs, lotus flower tattoo designs, lilly tattoo designs, hibiscus tattoo designs and hawaii flower tattoos.

Many women and girls choose their foot or ankle as a place for their exotic flower tattoo. But also the shoulders, the belly/stomach, the arm or even a place behind the ear are sometimes chosen as a destination for their flower tattoo.

A small hint at the end: The term “flower tattoo design” is sometimes by mistake also written as “flower tatoo design” or “flower tatto design” both is not correct.

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