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Hearts Tattoos – Hearts Tattoo Designs, Hearts Tattoo Motives

Here is a small sample of the hearts tattoo designs and hearts tattoo motives that you will find on TattooPilot.


Heart Tattoos and Heart Tattoo Designs

For many years already, heart tattoos and heart tattoo designs are a symbol for men and women who want to express their love forever. For example with a heart tattoo that contains the name of the girlfriend, the wife, the husband, the parents or a child. Boy or girl.

As the tattoo techniques are improving more and more, also the demand for heart tattoos and heart tattoo designs has risen. The meaning of a heart tattoo may be different for every single man or women who wears the tattoo. But the basic heart shaped outline of the tattoo is equal for all of them.

History of Heart Tattoos and Heart Tattoo Designs

SInce the early 20th century tattoos with hearts have been popular with many tattoo-fans. Thus the popularity of hearts in the “old-school” tattoo style. Especially seamen have often had a heart tattoo design. Often also with a name embedded. Either of their boy or girl child, or even with “Mom”. Soldiers in the Second World War also went into the tattoo parlor to get a heart tattoo with the name of their girlfriend or wife. Mostly as a heart tattoo on the arm or the forearm.

Today there are many different variations of heart tattoos and heart tattoo designs. The most popular ones are:

  • The burning heart tattoo design
  • The sacred heart tattoo design
  • The broken heart tattoo design
  • Heart tattoos with names

Types of Heart Tattoos

Even similar designs of heart tattoos often have their very special differences in detail. Nevertheless, some styles of heart tattoos have become especially popular.

The Sacred Heart Tattoo

Threre are different variations of sacred heart tattoos. They can be worn by men and women equally. Usually they contain a wreath of thorns as well as a flame. As a sacred image for many catholics, the sacred heart tattoo is a symbol for Jesus showing his heart to a saint. People with a sacred heart tattoo design usually express their connection to Jesus or a kind of inner strength.

Broken Heart Tattoos

A tattoo design with a broken heart often expresses a sad rememberance of another person. Often a sad loss of a person is shown with a broken heart tattoo. Those broken heart tattoo designs often contain some kind of date or name which is to be kept forever.

Heart Tattoo Design with Names

Is there a stronger evidence for love than a heart tattoo that contains the name of the beloved man or woman? A flower tattoo is a much weaker symbol, here. Heart Tattoos with names are mostly used for family members (father, mother, son or doughter). A hert tattoo with a name is an ever lasting evidence for love.

Pierced Heart Tattoo

Similar to a sacred heart tattoo, a pierced heart tattoo design (e.g. with a dagger) can have several very personal meanings. It nevertheless often shows that the tattooed person has had a difficult or hurting experience which he or she has overcome.

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